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Well, Google’s nofollow attribute is one way of putting off comment-spammers but it won’t stop them. They’ll continue to spam in case they come across a site that doesn’t support the new attribute.
I may look at adding rel=”nofollow” to links here, but it’d be handy to have a list of “safe” URLs that are safe to link to. Perhaps a WP plugin, backend interface and db table?
In other news, the number of spams getting through to the moderation queue has dwindled down to zero (besides the edgesaver one of course!) so it’s not a problem here right now.

4 thoughts on “Google "nofollow"

  1. Why not use the comment moderation feature for this?
    – All new comments are “unapproved”
    – Comment is “unapproved” => add “nofollow” but still display comment
    – Comment is “approved” => don’t add “nofollow”

    Just an idea…


  2. That’s not a bad idea. There’s some discussion on the WP Hackers list about this, including this where posts less than 10 days old get the “nofollow” attribute but are then presumed to be pristine and clean if they survive that long.
    The “nofollow” attribute doesn’t solve the problem that comment spam on blogs will generate some traffic for the spammer – visitors to the blog *may* follow a link thinking it’s recommended by the blog owner.
    I’ve already been mistaken as a Meteor support person and a Sunday Times rep! Just having the comment spam on the blog hurts the integrity of the blog owner so rel=”nofollow” isn’t enough.

  3. In my opinion, nofollow is not the right way to limit comment spam. A simple use of captchas is a good enough deterrent.. while it may inconvenience genuine people, but there’s a fair price to pay…. Also, it could be programmatically arranged that people on your blogroll would be able to comment without the need for validating captcha text…. Not that bad for a first timer to your blog having to face a small inconvenience…..regulars bypass it! perfect isnt it ?

  4. saurab actually has a pretty great idea. can’t say ive come across that approach before, and i like it. i tend to also think that using captchas is enough and that nofollow does nothing but perpetuate the selling of links, which Google claims they dont like, yet they force new sites to do so in order to gain ranking (unless already connected with a network of web-designers or bloggers).

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