Gimp, Wine and Photoshop Plugins

I’ve known for a while that it’s possible to run FFI Photoshop plugins but there are problems getting 8bf plugins working. pspi.exe can be used to run them if you’re running Windows GIMP but not in Linux unfortunately. This discussion on the Wine list suggests that a mini-wine loader such as is used by Mplayer might go some way to achieving this goal but such a loader doesn’t exist yet.
That’s a pity as this virtual photographer plugin looks nice. All the effects can be done manually in the GIMP too but why not take a shortcut if it’s there?

One thought on “Gimp, Wine and Photoshop Plugins

  1. Im running photoshop 7 under linux(debian) and using the virtualphotographer plugin with no probs as well as the kodak roc ,show and gem plugins…all on a 700 mhz athlon .
    Wine Rocks

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