High resolution digital photos for the masses will lead to faster dissolving rain forests worldwide.

Sounds weird, hu?

– the cheaper the pictures the more will get sold.
– more pictures sold means more pictures printed in ads and editorial media, because creating ads become less expensive and articles get more attention with a picture.

As a result more publications will be printed and much more paper will be needed!

And this increases with the improvement of image resolution!
Besides the whole print media industry everyone with a digital 8MB SLR will want his/her private wedding fotos in full glory! Not those tiny printouts like the old days!

Just like the computer did not reduce the amount of paper used in offices, I know companies were everybody prints out their emails “for the records”, in fact we all have printers and use more paper than ever.

Stop the further development of higher resolution cameras!
Save our rain forests!

phew… now lemme check if I recently sold any pics on iStock….