WordPress Multiuser, Dec 6th Snapshot

Here’s another snapshot release of WPMU, this one fixed many bugs that existed when installing WPMU in the root of a webserver. Thanks go to John Allman, Derek Ditch and Per Soderlind(sorry, don’t know how to get that proper spelling Per!) for help and bug reporting.
Go download it!
No reg page yet, I’m drained after a day hacking the above.. zzzz

2 thoughts on “WordPress Multiuser, Dec 6th Snapshot

  1. I’m having an awful hard time trying to install wpmu. 🙁 I get through the first initial screen and CHMODing everything that it asks, but after that when I try to acces the wpmu directory, it just says Forbidden,
    You don’t have permission to access /wpmu on this server. Any ideas?

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