WordPress Multi User – Dec 01 Snapshot

This is the “Fiche Naoi” release! Lots of changes this time. Symlinks are not required any more. Derek Ditch did 99% of the work in moving blogs from wp-blogs to wp-content/blogs/ with only a minor cleanup by myself, and there are other bug fixes from the WordPress core too.
Due to the number of changes you should be extra careful with this release. It worked for me on a clean install, but it’ll require an extra step to upgrade – you’ll need to move the wp-inst/wp-blogs directory to wp-inst/wp-content/blogs
I haven’t done an upgrade either so YMMV!
Go take a look at the download page for links and more details.
Later Update the htaccess.dist in the root directory and add the following line at line 15:
RewriteRule ^(.*)/wp-content/sitetemplates/(.*) BASE/wp-inst/wp-content/sitetemplates/$2 [L]
That fixes the images in the theme selector. Thanks Per for finding that!

4 thoughts on “WordPress Multi User – Dec 01 Snapshot

  1. I installed the Dec 01 version and have it working. I don’t see where you create other Blogs. I would have thought that when adding a new user there would be an option to create a private Blog for them. So… how do you do that?

  2. Hey Donncha… Is this the one you mentioned to me a week or so ago? Is WPMU really ready? Is there an upgrade path from b2++ ? You had some scripts? Say yes to all ?

    : )

  3. In order – no, depends, no, yes, no.
    There’s a Dec 6th snapshot that fixed a few bugs introduced in this one, but no, I haven’t done any work on b2++ upgrade scripts, I’ve been way too busy.

  4. I haven’t found out much about this version from a quick search from the web, i’m currently running wp 1.3, how easy is it to upgrade to the multiuser version keeping your current data etc intact, and setting it up for multi users?

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