Sunday Times Online.. reading tonight

I bought the paper yesterday but it’ll probably be easier for me to browse it online anyway. I find myself skimming articles and on paper that’s hard to do.
I blame the web. First we grew accustomed to banner ads and flashing gizmos flying out of our browsers, then to suck down all the content blogging creates every day we learnt to quickly scan titles, then along came css so we don’t have to even visit websites any more! Now I can quickly scan the Sunday Times, and I’m waiting for the RSS feeds.
And, pron, Jeremy Clarkson’s article on security at Westminister was great!

The BBC, for instance, is supremely well guarded. The security personnel are programmed to allow nobody in, at all, ever. And if you do make it to the electric revolving doors they will respond only if presented with a computerised photo ID.

To get round all this I simply enter the building every day through the post room.

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