If anything can nearly kill the common cold or shorten it to 1-2 days like this always does for me, without the horrible symptoms who cares what it tastes like? Every time I have used it it has been amazing. I am sure it will have a similar effect on most viruses. Yes indeed it tastes like battery acid but V8 does mask the taste for me too and I chug it down 3 times daily 4 drops of Citrucidal to a 8oz. glass ov V8 over the course of two days and the cold never fully materializes and dies. Formerly I would have a cold for a week which would lead to bronchitis and a month or more of hell in the wintertime. No-More! So you ignorant (ignorant is not a dirty word) sufferers out there who keep dealing with your viruses with masking symptoms instead of attacking the virus which eventually leads you to the land of poorer health please open your eyes. Each time you have a virus it opens the door to other illnesses of which you’re frequently not aware until too it’s often too late. I also have home-made Kefir fruit smoothies and between the two of these things and Earthing (grounding dirty electricity in my home), every aspect of my health has improved dramatically.

Health and happiness to all.

The Batman