25 thoughts on “Citricidal Cure and Disinfectant

  1. I have used Grapefruit Seed Extract internally for bacterial infections, e.g., food poisoning. I would be skeptical about its effectiveness internally against virus, and cautious about such usage. It is a quite powerful antibiotic that also will wipe out “friendly” bacteria paving the way for a fungal infection, e.g. candida.

    1. To the contrary my fellow reviewr, GSE kills candida and all kinds of fungus… one of the best remedies for candida (vaginitis, fungal infections due to antiobiotics and so forth)… it works as an antibiotic but in a very friendly to the body, way…check it out (better)…

  2. I tell you what, if you can gag it down it works like a champ. My mother-in-law, who’s kinda hippy dippy, gave me some and made me take it when I had a cold – cut my cold in half. Took it last year during cold season and I was only sick one day. Taking it right now for a cold I started feeling Monday morning and it’s drying me up. I do 5 drops 3x a day in a glass of orange juice. Stuff tastes like battery acid but it works.

  3. Well, after feeling pretty bad, my cold/flu cleared up quite a bit on Sunday morning. It got worse later on, but I breathed in some Olbas Oil that night and I’m right as rain now! Definitely something to all this natural remedies stuff!

  4. This battery acid tasting stuff goes down very easily if you put the number drops of you need into a vegetable geletin capsule (open it first, add drops, close it, then take it). No burning, no discomfort!

    1. Is this some kind of misinformation site??? I have to question this way because I think you had better not taken it undiluted…
      Try with some orange juice instead, or take in in capsules…
      PEOPLE do your research and don’t just rely for information on some product on one site… rather read as much as you can and let the knowledge sink in…

  5. Any idea where I can get vegetable gelatin capsule in Ireland suitable for liquids like Citricidal?Did Linda Olsen give any details

  6. I had really bad candida. This stuff got rid of my rash in 7 days! Prescription pills and creams did nothing, so to reply to the guy that warns against using this for Candida, you know not what you talk about. My family in South America have been using it for years as a vegetable wash, and take 5 drops with wvery meal, and are in excellent health. I just got back from Ecuador and thr Galapagos, and used it. No stomach or lower GI problems in our group! ( we all used it )

  7. ¿de qué modo puedo obtener un extracto de citricidal a partir de semillas de pomelo diluido en glicerina? la pregunta es co el motivo de autonomizar en este sentido a comunidades campesinas de la selva del suresta mexicano donde trabajo (uxpanapa) gracias

  8. This stuff is extremely bitter but if you put it in a mixed vegetable juice like V-8 you won’t hardly notice the taste. I use it for sinus infections, yeast infections, skin problems, washing my vegetables, etc.

  9. I use this to gargle after I brush my teeth. 3 drops to a small glass of water.It’s fantastic. Dentist says my gums are the healthiest they have been.

  10. I have warts under my arms and have been told that Citrididal will clear them? Has anybody used it for this purpose?

  11. think ive got the start of a cold this bug going round takeing tyrozets there not bad and some cold relief caps still sneezing though and me body feels like warm and cold loads of people i know av had it this week. hate this warm feeling u get in your body though u know ats start of cold and flu and the sneezing etc everything that accompanys acold.

  12. I’ve currently been taking it for 5 weeks, 2 drops 4 times a day for ulcerative colitis which my doc and I believe was due to a bacterial infection from eating alfalfa sprouts, I didn’t wash. I was hoping to see some improvement with my diarreah and no such luck yet. Has anyone tried it for a bacteria infection? If so, how long did you use it for?

    1. If anything can nearly kill the common cold or shorten it to 1-2 days like this always does for me, without the horrible symptoms who cares what it tastes like? Every time I have used it it has been amazing. I am sure it will have a similar effect on most viruses. Yes indeed it tastes like battery acid but V8 does mask the taste for me too and I chug it down 3 times daily 4 drops of Citrucidal to a 8oz. glass ov V8 over the course of two days and the cold never fully materializes and dies. Formerly I would have a cold for a week which would lead to bronchitis and a month or more of hell in the wintertime. No-More! So you ignorant (ignorant is not a dirty word) sufferers out there who keep dealing with your viruses with masking symptoms instead of attacking the virus which eventually leads you to the land of poorer health please open your eyes. Each time you have a virus it opens the door to other illnesses of which you’re frequently not aware until too it’s often too late. I also have home-made Kefir fruit smoothies and between the two of these things and Earthing (grounding dirty electricity in my home), every aspect of my health has improved dramatically.

      Health and happiness to all.

      The Batman

      1. I’m sorry I forgot to mention a couple things which are very important. Citricidal GSE is not totally natural. During the manufacturing process a chemical is produced which can be toxic called diphenol hydroxybenzene. Many have likely had side affects due to the latteris or a herx effect. Either way the best way to protect yourself after taking this is to also take or use BENTONITE CLAY as part of your regimen which will remove the toxins from your body. Sorry I forgot to mention it. Yes Citricidal is extremely potent but if you use bentonite clay as the sweeper you are likely to have few to no side affects from the use of Citricidal IMO but each person is different.

        1. What sort of toxins does this clay remove from your body? Surely your kidneys do the job of filtering out any toxic chemicals from your body, or does this clay work on the generic “toxins” you’ll hear about in alternative medicine?

          In the years since I wrote this post I’ve become a lot more skeptical about alternative medicine. If it’s not backed up by some sort of valid research it doesn’t have much value. I realise now that the cold I mentioned in a previous comment would have got better anyway and this wasn’t going to relieve it. Olbas Oil will relieve the symptoms but it won’t kill the virus. I somehow doubt Citricidal will kill the common cold either.

          Too much damn woo in the world these days.

          1. Believe what ya want. I focus on results. Dr. who did my colonoscopy said I had the best looking colon of anyone 50+ that he’d ever seen. My dad died of Colon cancer so I keep on top of it. Doc said keep doin what your doin…Why/How? Yup I consume this regularly: Red Lake Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth w/Calcium Bentonite $13 @ tractorsupply for 20lb bag. Lasts me 3 years. I also make home-ade Kefir for probiotics and have abandoned nearly useless yogurt (by comparison) and expensive pro-biotic pills $$$. Indigenous people and many animals eat earth for health. The clay/earth cleans your gut (including parasites) while adding Trace minerals and the Kefir promotes and propagates (unlike yogurt) healthy bacteria.

            Health and Happiness to all..


  13. @Linda……….you should be taking about 15 drops 3 times a day not 2!……….also oregano oil is good to add too if your trying to get rid of candida.

  14. i use it for tooth and gum problems its amazing, i havent had a cold for years; i put it in my chickens drinking water to prevent ilness from wild birds works a treat

    1. I concur with you however, GSE is extremely acidic and destroys tooth enamels. Here is my home-ade mouthwash ingredients:

      Original, Listerine with Thymol and alchohol as main ingredients.

      Water, add 1/4 teaspoon of Baking Soda to neutralize the acidity of GSE

      GSE drops.

      Oil of Oregano

      Mix ingredient amounts for your own tolerance.

      Dentist says I have absolutely halted Gum Disease and then reversed it with this and I plan on keeping all my teeth for the duration. All my gum areas are Pink as they were when I was young.

      Health and Happiness to all…


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