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It might actually be easier to read the Sunday Times online instead of buying it. Still, there is that hands-on feel, especially when you kick back, relax with newpaper in hand and get lost in another world.. Here’s some of my reads from last week (not all, I opened at least 2 dozen browser tabs looking at the above page!)

3 thoughts on “The Sunday Times

  1. I have been trying on this web site to find an e-mail address to contact the Sunday Irish Times.
    Last weekend I was unable anywhere in Mayo to get a food supplement with the Sunday Irish Times.
    I needed an e-mail address to ask how I could get one for me and one for a colleague.

    Joseph Yeomans, Knockatemple, Ballyvary,Castlebar, Co.Mayo

  2. im looking to contact them aswell, you got a free dvd with it called ‘ulysses’ and my mum is in it, and i forgot to get the paper and my mother went NUTS!
    any chance anyone has contact info for the sunday times?

  3. I wish to complain most this weeks (1/11/2009) Rod Lddle “Chilling Tale” regarding the poisoning cats. No matter how you read this artical, it clearly advocates/supports/suggests killing cats with Antifreeze!I am not a weirdo cat lover but cannot abide cruelty to animals – any animals. Does he hate cats so much that he can suggest that killing them in such a clearly agonising manner is acceptable? There is no excuse, he and you should no that sadly, there are people out there (that read your paper) that may probaly use this artical as guid to now poison innocent cats with antifreeze just to stop them “fouling their lawns! I am so disgusted with the tone of this artical and the pain and suffering it may cause that unless your editor prints a robust apology next week, I will stop buying your paper1

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