Online Photo Printing Service in Ireland, Redux

Looks like Digi-Prints in the UK is probably the cheapest online printing service. I just got confirmation from them that they deliver to Ireland. Bonusprint come second, Spectra Photo trail behind as they’ve doubled their prices in the last year and others are very expensive too or shut down. I’ll be placing my order next weekend!
Mypixmania caused me no end of problems, although I was offered photo-credits for the few mix-ups that happened. Their French prices are good, but Sterling is too much unfortunately.

2 thoughts on “Online Photo Printing Service in Ireland, Redux

  1. Conns Cameras are introducing a web based printing service over the coming weeks, though, they are probably going to end up being more expensive than most

  2. with your pictures is a new photosharing website that allows users to Sell, Share, Sell their pictures but alas apart from the conected photocentre where you can print and create. I must boast this because our terms and conditions stop us from using your images or details so you can share your pictures without the worry of privacy
    and is fully operated and irish owned

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