George Bush Assasinated

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Subject: George Bush Assasinated

Early this morning two CNN Journalists discovered the CCTV footage that will shock the world. At 3.29am President George Bush was shot dead by an Islamic Militant suspected of working for Al-Qaida. As yet to be released to the nation due to the governments concerns over national Security, CNN has decided to inform the public of this terrible event. A short CCTV clip as evidence of this tragedy has been posted here http://www.the and there will be more updates to follow as the news filters through.

CNN International News Broadcast

Mad, that’s a guaranteed way for a virus to spread!

5 thoughts on “George Bush Assasinated

  1. What do you all think sbout Bush being president again for the next 4 years? Why did everyone elect him in office again? People must want us to die. Well…It’s too late now. We can only wait another 4 years, or wait to see if he’ll die between now and the next 4 years. What is so special about Bush? He’s all for war.

  2. Joe Conservative…thanks for replying on something that is like…A BILLION FREAKIN’ YEARS OLD! Can I make a mistake?! DAMN!

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