Now Running WordPress

The site is now running on WordPress. I’m going to get some breakfast.
Much Later – Still problems with feeds. I’m updating tonight to the CVS snapshot of WordPress from this morning so breakages are likely, but hang on in there! We’re almost home!
Later Still – Merging of the CVS version of WordPress is complete. I’ll have to track this as time goes by but it looks to have solved the problems we had earlier! 🙂

13 thoughts on “Now Running WordPress

  1. Looking forward to test it 🙂

    Btw, there is still a cache problem keeping the latest commenters data in the comment form, this time it had Matt comment info

  2. I think I have it fixed – when viewing single posts the comment name, email and uri are used in the cache key.
    If the person viewing the post never commented on the site they get the generic post without details filled in but others will see their details inserted!
    There’s a problem with using insert functions to insert that data too – the way the caching is setup, the only file that’s checked for cache staleness is index.html, but that file only ever sees completely filled in comment forms from wp-comments.php – ie. it doesn’t see the compiled insert commands at all!

  3. Nice one Donncha. It looks a bit nicer than b2++ did. Are you finished the upgrade now (ie. – if I fiddle with my options will my changes be lost when you fix something else)? How different are the templates from b2++ to the ones for WordPress?

  4. You can edit posts and modify templates. If I need to do anything to templates site-wide I’ll mail everyone again and do it early in the morning (Irish time).
    Edit options as much as you like. They won’t change AFAIK.
    Templates are very different – template variables in b2++ for the most part have become template functions in WordPress. ie. {$the_author_email} becomes {the_author_email}

    It looks like I’ll need to upgrade to the CVS version of WordPress too – there are problems with slashes in the 1.2 version that’s stopping the feeds working properly. 🙁

  5. the guy with balloons was angry with your photojournalism because he is CIA operative and you were crowding his cover, so to speak … don’t trust my words, look at the soul in his eyes in your photo and you can see he is “opperative” – perhaps the initials associated with employee are incorrect but opperative non the less :>0 … not that there is anything wrong with being opperative/undercover and viva the colorful balloons who inspire sidewalk subjects :>0

  6. Sorry to bump an old post of yours with this unwanted comment. I got the link to this post from the ‘related posts’ of another post in your blog. Just good to know that you started using wordpress such a long time ago; and happy to actually see that wordpress has come a long way since! 🙂

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