Blue Flowers!

This is one of my favourite photos. Yummy! Must take a look at the other photos I took of these flowers. Sure to be a few more keepers in there!

18 thoughts on “Blue Flowers!

  1. what type of flowers are the blue flowers? i’m looking for some for my wedding next year and these are perfect!!!!


    1. For all those looking for blue flowers. My wedding is blue to and kept being shown flowers that aren’t proper blue they were more purple. But have found one, CORNFLOWER. Googled it and under it’s wiki description it does say it’s one of ‘very few naturally blue flowers’. Found it by accident actually, the fabric swatch that I chose for my bridesmaid dress was called cornflower so I googled it to see if it was actually a flower and was pleased to find it was. Just adding lilies and another white flower but held with blue ribbons

  2. where did you take that picture? I want to know what the name of those flowers are!! I will be planting a garden at a new house and I want some of those!

  3. I bought them in the local supermarket for my girlfriend! Unfortunately I have no idea what they’re called, but good luck finding similar ones!

  4. it would be unwise to use these for your wedding they are dyed chrysanthmums and therefore the dye could come off onto your clothes there are plenty of beautiful natural blue flowers if i can be of any help just send me an emial

    1. I just come across your post about natural blue flowers, could u please send me the list as well

  5. I am looking for a list of Natural Blue flowers. I know there are a very few that are natural blue. please help.

  6. Heh, I’m guessing you like the colour blue, what from this site design and all! Their colour is so vibrant, they almost look artificial, even though they’re not.

  7. Is there any way I could get that list of natural blue flowers also. I was googling blue flowers for my wedding next year which is how i stummbled across this site :)please email me at if anyone can help me.
    Thank you!!

    1. I was just talking about blue flowers with a coworker. You can try Hyacinths they are a lighter blue colour but nice. Carnations and Irises are also blue.
      You can also look into blue roses which are very popular as well. As far as I know the dye doesn’t rub on your clothing but you can just be careful. I mean unless you’re rubbing them up against your clothing. It shouldn’t really be a problem. Hope that helps. That’s all that could come to mind at the moment. Maybe some daisies as well. Ooh and Gerbras…not sure if I spelt that correctly but those are gorgeous.

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