iRiver H320/H340 – personal music player

Now, this looks like a nice music player. dpreview has a concise feature list. As well as mp3 files it also plays ogg files, and it can display jpegs, and I could plug my camera into it and it’ll make coffee while I watch tv (no, only joking about the last bit!)
It’s not out yet AFAICT but I might be able to afford one in a few months time if reviews prove positive!
Later… – Owen mentioned this last night, I’d forgotten it, but Stewie reminded me a few minutes ago. And the The Register has more in a slightly easier format to read.

12 thoughts on “iRiver H320/H340 – personal music player

  1. Heretic!
    Anyhoo iPod aside and looking at it on it’s own merits, those interface controls look a bit fiddly and I’m not very impressed with the navi button.

    It’s a take on the clitoral eraser head pointer found on laptops and developed by IBM. While those are good for scrolling they can be inaccurate when you have a lot of objects on the screen and want to select one without scrolling up and down first, then left or right.

    I also don’t like the styling, that chequered grey black print reminds me of something cheap and nasty from the 80’s. There are better looking players than this from other companies (And iRiver) either on the market or soon to be on the market. Also, does it support uncompressed audio? (AIFF/Wav?)

  2. It’s all academic anyway – I can’t afford one for at least 12 months, or until the SSIA runs out, methinks it’s better to pump money into that in the short term!

  3. That nasty grey chequered styling is Carbon Fibre, same stuff used in F1 cars. Hate the stuff as it dries out after a few years and looks tatty, but some people get really turned on by it.

  4. Well.. I have the iriver H320. It supports WAV, MP3, OGG, and one more that I forgot -_-;; but, it’s good enough
    for me, 20gb is more than enough and even though the controls may look kinda weird, it’s still good to use.
    i’ll post up some pictures in my site later on… [MAYBE]

  5. Don’t forget that with the latest firmware it can play 220×176 Xvid movies at a whopping 10 fps…. It’s actually pretty watchable really. Nice to see a company squeeze as much functionality out of their hardware unlike some over priced retailers ** cough ** Apple ** cough cough **
    It has design issues, but in terms of what you can do with it, no other player comes close in terms of bang for buck….

  6. OK, I’ll bite.
    It has line in (so you can record MP3s on it directly from source), line out (plug it into your amp), displays photos and .AVIs.
    What’s not to love about it?
    A friend of mine has one and I borrowed it for a day, then did more research: there’s [rev engineered] software for it for Linux support; it does show up as an external harddrive but you need to generate an iRiverDB file so you can search for files on the fly.
    Methinks I’ll definitely will be getting one.

  7. Try for your H340. Shipping may catch you depending on how soon you want it. It’s definitly worth the wait

  8. Well i just bought mine this year 2009 march and got it pretty cheap iriver h320

    So far i didn’t run to any trouble yet with this product. The battery charging took sometime to complete well unless is really empty battery might takes up to 10hrs charge to complete fully but depend how is being charge.

    Well i have tested some music is sound great and video too and used it as storage drive to and so on…….

    And also u can do sometime else too……

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