OK everyone. Let me share some facts for you to help you understand this little issue. Did everyone get a chance to see the chart at the bottom? It showed the F150 having by far more casualties than any other vehicle listed. I would very easily believe that. However, here are some other stats for you to think about. The Ford F150 has been the best selling truck in America for 30 years now. That means there are more F150s sold every year than any other truck on the market. So if 7 out of ten people own F150s then there are going to be more reported deaths with that vehicle. “You said best selling truck. There are other cars on the list.” True! The F150 has not been the best selling vehicle all together for the last 30 years, just the best selling truck. It has been the best selling vehicle for the last 25 years! That’s right kids! 25 years at the top of the list. So if there are that many people buying F150s over all those import rat traps then there are going to be more reported deaths. No matter what you drive, anything is susceptible to an accident. If the majority are the same type of vehicle then that vehicle is going to get a bad rep. However, I have done to research and I own an F150 and I am VERY proud of it! And now you know the rest of the story.