This is not a good comparison at all… I thought it was until i read some of the posts about it. Too mnay people are judging the cars results based on irrelivent facts. The test was done without apllying the brakes and therefore makes the \”poor brakes\” comment totally irrelivent. Also, like Alex Stapleton said, the f-150 has much more inertia and will most likely cause whatever it hits to take a lot of the impact, unless it is firmly planted. There is no question which car is more fun or a better looking car, the mini cooper will when that arguement most of the time. In my opinion, this test is completely irrelivent and was obviulsy done to show how much better a mini is in this situation. When in reality, the two will never be compared by comsumers. The peron looking for a mini is NOT the same person looking for the F-150.