Buying a House in Ireland – It's mine!

And I’d be moving in except that the vendors want to varnish the floors in their new house first. My solicitor told me to go over there, get the keys, and change the locks.
I’m more conciliatory and I’ll give them 24 hours. After all the stress of the boundaries and everything.. *grr*
Later… My solicitor got in touch and put on the pressure. They moved out tonight and I’m in! I helped Ger and his father-in-law move stuff out and we finished around 8pm. His wife Liz doesn’t like me I think, but then she made my life hell over 3 broom sticks and a bit of twine.. Here starts another phase in my life!

4 thoughts on “Buying a House in Ireland – It's mine!

  1. Congratulations 🙂
    Now comes the fun part … and to be honest, I’d be on their case over the whole hanging around thing … but hey !

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