Happy Birthday Louise!

Happy birthday Louise! hehe. Told ya I’d blog this!
Upstairs in Cubins is pretty mad! Wondering now.. when was the last time I was out this late on a Tuesday night? Too long! Just please, don’t throw anything difficult at me tomorrow!

On a more serious note, Ivan Noble was on The Last Word talking about his fight against a malignant brain tumour. He’s gone through a lot and he’s documenting his experiences online. He has links to previous posts up there too making it easy to read back on his progress.
I hope that tumour stays in remission for as long as possible Ivan!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Louise!

  1. Oh dear God! Another Tubridy fan! 🙂
    I’ve added your blog to my blo.gs blogroll so go ping there when you update and your blog will go to the top of my list!

  2. Ah come on, in fairness, he is *the man* as they say! Makes getting up in the morning such a treat and always puts me in great form! And yes, I’m one of those trying to convert the world to the joys of the Full Irish…holy moly!

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