Happy Birthday Louise!

Happy birthday Louise! hehe. Told ya I’d blog this!
Upstairs in Cubins is pretty mad! Wondering now.. when was the last time I was out this late on a Tuesday night? Too long! Just please, don’t throw anything difficult at me tomorrow!

On a more serious note, Ivan Noble was on The Last Word talking about his fight against a malignant brain tumour. He’s gone through a lot and he’s documenting his experiences online. He has links to previous posts up there too making it easy to read back on his progress.
I hope that tumour stays in remission for as long as possible Ivan!

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Ah come on, in fairness, he is *the man* as they say! Makes getting up in the morning such a treat and always puts me in great form! And yes, I’m one of those trying to convert the world to the joys of the Full Irish…holy moly!

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