Run iPod! Run!

The Rio Karma looks like an impressive personal music player! This lengthy review goes into quite a lot of detail, including the suggestion that, “it bests the iRiver and the iPod [on sound quality], but is about on par with the Zen” which is high praise indeed!
I like the fact that they included an ethernet port too. Simply plug the device into your network and you’ve got a ready made mp3 server with all your favourite music available through your nice expensive computer sound system!
Hmm, pity I can’t afford either it or an iPod.

2 thoughts on “Run iPod! Run!

  1. What, me worry?
    The Third Generation (Current) iPod was introduced in April, it’s about time someone caught up.

    Now MacWorld SF happens in January, I wonder what little white wonder will be ripe for a revamp? 😉

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