Santa on IRC!

<donncha> anyone heard the “real santa claus” argument on Joe Duffy’s show? was comical 🙂
allmanj is now known as alllunchj
<radagast> donncha: go on?
<donncha> some shop is advertising that they have the real santa claus. Someone complained, they even argued about “what makes a real santa claus” !!
<donncha> even got the advertising standards people on!
<donncha> hehe
* aj is back (gone 00:03:10)
<aj> I am Santa, really I am
<thomasb> donncha: I think the consensus was you either had to be a fat man in a red suit in the north pole, or a 6th century bishop
<donncha> thomasb: *nod* I’m listening to some mp3s now 🙂
* aj crosses off thomasb for not believing in me.
<longword> !seen abbot
<donncha> !seen santa
<donncha> no, I mean aj..
aj is now known as santa
<donncha> someone ring up Joe!
abbot ( has joined
<longword> abbot, where have you been?
<abbot> out drinking with the bots.
<thomasb> !shot santa
<diamond> lol
<thomasb> !shoot santa
* abbot blows santa away with a wand of fireballs

Disclaimer – No Santa, elves, reindeer, or any Christmas characters were harmed in the making of the above script. I do have to admit that the sanity of the Irish Linux Community could be called into question however.

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