iPod as Digital Photography Storage

Here’s an interesting review of a Belkin Media Reader that will plug into an iPod. (Thanks Mark for the link!) Great idea for a music player to do, and it looks like it’s been done well.
The lengthy time required to copy files over is worrying, as I shoot 5MP images to 256MB memory stick. Going by the time quoted in the article it would take 15 minutes to copy over one memory stick (and yes, I can easily fill that much space taking pictures of even one scene!)
There are other options out there, and many have been reviewed on dpreview and other photography sites. Here’s an overview of some of those options.
Maybe I’ll invest in the next year or so. The deposit on my house purchase was paid last Monday so I’m slightly cash strapped right now!
Oh yeah – great photo of a kite surfer on photosig!

2 thoughts on “iPod as Digital Photography Storage

  1. I’m looking for Irish users of the ipod, or users based in Ireland, to interview for an article I’m writing on the ipod phenomenon. Please e-mail me if you want to share your love of your ipod…

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