Anyone who ever pointed to the ends justifying the means when it comes to small stuff like the truth usually finds a slippery road. Before you know it your LBJ on TV exaggerating the severity of the Gulf of Tonkin exchange as your case for war in Vietnam. In the interest of serving what they believed to be the nations greater good, (Taking on Communism), they twisted the facts they had so far out of shape they they looked like balloon animals when they made the papers. It should reminds you of a more recent US president now shouldn’t it?

The fact is that Carl Sagan presented facts to a largely ignorant US audience in a clear and fun way during his show Cosmos. This opened up massive possibilities to people who prior to his show thought God was ripping out ribs and making women with them in a garden somewhere. But when Sagan did it he didn’t have to resort to fibbing about how many moons Mars had just because it would be easier to explain.

There’s enough truth to make fun and beat the right over the head with. As I said a mistake is a mistake, but peddling known falsity’s because they are convenient and distorting things is just out and out deception. It reminds me of Sean Hannity’s comeback when he’s caught out ‘I don’t have time to check every fact’; well it would be nice if you checked most of your facts Sean, otherwise your just a lying gasbag pushing your masters agenda on TV and Radio.

The same goes for Moore, it’s a bit rich for him to go after the Bushies for lying when he’s making up the lies he says they have told.