That Moore’s inaccuracies are or are not smaller than what the Bush Administration has publicly said doesn’t matter. What matters is what’s a mistake, what’s an inaccuracy and what’s outright distortion of reality to fit a script.

In Roger & Me his first documentary he did everything from stage scenes to reorder the timeline to suit the dramatic structure of his film, and facts be damned. Though GM closed the plant in Flint in 86, Moore shoehorned items into the chronology which happened more than 12 months before GM struck the plant down. All because it looked more dramatic and made GM look worse on screen. Though a rampant capitalist I’m no fan of multinationals busting up communities but GM wasn’t made to look like the bad guy who sent jobs abroad and fired a whole lot of people, they looked like baby eating murders because he cut them that way.

He distorted facts in Bowling for Columbine he altered an 1988 Bush/ Quayle ad and then after he was pulled on it, he altered it again for the DVD release. Leaving the ad alone didn’t suit his needs to he decided to slant it the way he wanted it. He’s fudged facts which when looked at in proper context don’t support conclusions he is presenting in every book he has written, the same way the usual suspects on the right do

In the same movie he also falsely accused Lockheed Martin in Columbine of making missiles when the facility in question hadn’t built missiles in decades and was devoted to building orbital payload launchers (For satellites) before during and after the Columbine tragedy.

There is no such thing as being “not as bad”. It’s no different to Limbaugh and Fund distorting Reaganomics, Sean Hannity distorting school vouchers, Ann Coulter calling the wrong guys father a socialist just because she wanted to smear him, or Bill O’Reilly blaming Jimmy Carter for whatever is bugging Bill O’Reilly on that particular day.

If people can check Moore, O’Reilly, Coulter, Limbaugh and Hannity’s facts using Nexis-Lexis and Google you have to ask yourself why all these people, all of them, many with paid researchers, can’t be bothered to do the same thing.

The answer is easy, because none of them have a problem with distortion when it’s used to support the bigger idea they are selling and that goes for Moore too. This isn’t Paul Krugman drawing the wrong conclusion from a set of numbers and printing it in the great unravelling. This is a man who holds up shadow puppets as facts when it suits his needs, and be he left, right, centre or whatever it’s wrong.

Volume doesn’t matter, he does it and it’s wrong, it’s a distortion, it’s a lie. If more people people pointed it out to them at when they distorted I’d imagine they wouldn’t do it as often as they do. When we pitch the idea that well “he’s not as bad as..”; we’re then only a step or two away from the people who believed that Clinton was a coke runner who had people murdered while he was governor of Arkansas, not because he actually did it but because they wanted to believe he was capable of doing it.

What’s the difference between Jerry Falwell selling the recount of that tall tale, Clinton’s Circle of Power, to true believers and Moore repeating the discredited fact that the US government paid the Taliban $43M to compensate them for the loss they’d suffer when they stopped growing heroin producing poppies?

That so called Taliban payoff was just another tall tale which never happened, but when everyone from the gutter press of NewsMax to the New York Times threw it out, Moore kept on selling it because it was a great story to tell. The money went to organisations such as the Red Cross to help them deal with the famine which had broken out of Afghanistan at the time. Moore on the other hand repeated that tall tale time and again until he finally decided to put the record straight in Dude, Where’s My Country, when he found he couldn’t sell that story any more. Even then he spun the facts to slant it negatively.

I don’t mind a guy with a flame thrower, the left in America needs people with flame throwers *and* napalm, but lying to fuel the fire makes them no better than their opponents.