3 thoughts on “Fortune 500 protest II

  1. Really seems to be a nice work your b2++ blog system! i’ve been thinkng about making b2 “smarty” 🙂 here’s the job well done. but i got a problem 🙁 when i download the tar file and try to decompress it using winzip or winrar (yes i’m a windows user, i confess 😉 ) it says that the archive is corrupted. can you help me please ?

  2. 124598765422 Thanx and even more 😉 really ! your’e so kind donncha and verey lovely. It have been decompressed just by renaming the files 😉 thanx for the trick.
    If i can give a hand, call me 😉 i’ll be there.

    I’ll try to hack it first 😉 and i’ll give u the changes

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