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Err, wow! I just booted into Linux 2.6 and am shocked at how speedy everything is. The mouse cursor acts like it’s on steroids. Browser windows pop up really fast. The GIMP loaded quickly.
I loaded 3 photos from the baseball game on Sunday into the GIMP. Each is 2560×1920 pixels, or between 1.8MB and 2.2MB in size. I ‘auto-corrected’ the colour on each to build up a large cache and the system is responding well. The auto-correction is quite intensive, both in CPU and memory terms. If I had done that while running 2.4 my machine would have ground to a halt while the images swapped in and out of memory (I also have Moz FB, xchat2, MGT, and Kmail open)
Another test – when working on the GIMP and large images, if I swap desktops it takes a few moments for the images to swap out and my browser and mail client to come back in. Not now! The images take about 1/2 second to redraw, and moving back to my browser desktop I can start typing here again immediately.
Of course, it’s not a completely fair comparision. I’m using the open source Nvidia driver, not the propreitary one I used before. I’m going to get the propreitary one working next.
(Tested on an overclocked 300 -> 500Mhz PII, 300MB RAM)
Almost forgot – I’m recompiling the kernel as well..

4 thoughts on “Posting from 2.6 . . .

  1. That’s pretty exciting! Do you know where the performance increase comes from? I can’t hunt down any links on it. I’ll have to try it myself.

  2. I think it’s in a number of areas. There’s a new schedular – that can be tuned to make desktops more responsive, but can also be tuned so that servers can handle a higher load.
    Besides that obvious improvement there are updates all over the kernel. There’s more in The Wonderful World of Linux 2.6

  3. Hi
    It is horrible what happened at Virginia Tech a few days ago.
    The reporters are really showing these videoclips too much.
    I hope it doesn’t put evil ideas in the heads of new killers!
    I wonder if there’s any video from inside the school.
    I hope the coverage goes away…

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