Tab cleanup and other notes

Horribly busy in work these days. More articles I’ll read when I have time.

  1. Shirky: A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy
  2. McNealy Weighs In on Linux, Unix, Sun – Compares Linux to Napster – Linux is copyright theft? That’s what SCO would have you believe I suppose.
  3. Gadgetopia – ‘nother weblog but with some stuff I hadn’t seen elsewhere.

On another note, I managed to boot my PC at home again. The hardrive died on it just after I got back from Chicago, but I’ve managed to recover most of the files off it. I’m now using an almost 10 year old Quantam 51/4” drive. It doesn’t boot unless I add root=/dev/hdb1 to the end of the LILO command line.. *ggrrr* It’ll suffice for WordPress development however!

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