2 thoughts on “Have You Seen My Job?

  1. Thanks.

    I’ll put in a good word for you, but I should warn you — you have to work long hours, wearing nothing but a thong, going house to house asking if they need dance lessons and/or blogging tutorials.

    So what’s the deal with Chicago, you went there, found a place to live, came back to the snakeless land of leprechauns, are you a member of Riverdance?

  2. Dance lessons I might not be able to do, but blog tutorials.. yeah. Is the thong really necessary? I might just stick with this programming job after all! *grin*
    I’m hopefully going back to Chicago on Aug 2nd for the remainder of that month. Off to Boston and New York later in the month so if anyone wants to meet up for a few drinks please mail me!

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