BlogShares – why hoard?

I’m obviously missing something here, or maybe it’s in the docs but I didn’t read that paragraph. Why do people hoard shares of a particular blog on BlogShares?
Is it to show support for that site? Is it a longterm investment? (that could be one possible answer, if you expect a site to be linked to heavily it’s going to increase in value.)
My blog has a few investors who are in for the long haul. I recently sold all my stock in my blog and made a tidy profit, but if there’s no liquidity, then it’s just paper money (ok, never mind the fact that it’s all virtual money anyway..)
If you check my Blogshares profile you’ll see I have a few shares in Why do I keep them? Dave’s a nice guy, and gave me shares in his site. Share dealing hasn’t been very liquid though so I’ve held on to them in the belief that someone else will sell and I can buy a few more shares at a cut down price.
Huh. Greed. As simple as that!

2 thoughts on “BlogShares – why hoard?

  1. once you get beyond a certain level, where your share holdings are a tiny fraction of a percent of your idea holdings, buying and selling shares becomes pointless.

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