Spamassassin – Bayesian autolearn

Just noticed the Spam Assassin auto learn rules. Look up perldoc Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf and search for auto_learn, auto_learn_threshold_nonspam, auto_learn_threshold_spam.
I’ve changed the auto_spam threshold down, as 15 is probably a bit high considering the small number of false positives I usually get.



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  1. I have using spamassassin in one of mail server(FC 2&5OS and sendmail, MailScanner, Spamass-Milter and ClamAV)
    but i have get daily 20 to 30 junk mails to each user..
    I am using spamassassin version is 3.1
    i have kept daily all junk or spam mails to folder in my user ID. How to train tokens or how to use Bayesian to stop all users junk mails in root level..
    plz let me know ASAP

    with regards

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