b2++ documentation

I like Wikis. I use TWiki at work and it’s excellent. I think I need a wiki to document everything I’m doing in b2++, and I need it fast. Chances are I won’t use TWiki however, so I’m open to suggestions. If you’ve a favourite Wiki, then feel free to leave a comment. Applications that are written in PHP and use MySQL will get preference over others. Smarty support would be a bonus too. Tiki seems to fit the bill perfectly, but I haven’t tried it out yet.
Things to document:

  1. Import the b2 readme, and make a “tag/plugin” section for blog owners.
  2. How the weblog works, “always on” plugins, Smarty plugins, the flow of a weblog request.
  3. To do list.
  4. Bug tracker (should probably be seperate)
  5. Feature requests.
  6. And more..

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