IRC snippets

Just so you know that Linux users don’t bash on Windows users alone. We bash on other Linux users too! Thank you Kevin for keeping this recorded.

<kelvin> any slackware users around?
* martin raises hand
<kelvin> i have a question on it…
<martin> kelvin: Alot of people here are un-socialble muppets who use red hat. lol
<kelvin> oh, so no one knows slackware?
<martin> red hat, use there up2date, apt-get, and loves rpm based distro’s
<martin> kiddiot’s dream
<martin> gues it takes the learning out of things eh?
<martin> kelvin: I said I did.
<kelvin> ah, good. then you can answer a question on slackware?
<martin> sure
<kelvin> ok, so why do only lame muppets from kerry use slackware?
<martin> wanker

(Apologies to my readers from Kerry, and Slackware users!)

By Donncha

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