B2Links – link organiser for b2, and other updates

I mentioned B2Links before but it’s been renamed. The one final feature missing from it is polling weblogs.com to see if each link has been updated in the last x minutes/hours. I might take a look at this next week!

On the b2++ front – I discovered a bug when new users register. Sometimes their blog template isn’t copied over properly. Just login (at the b2login.php url sent to you in the email) and choose another template. A fix will be in the next snapshot, maybe tonight.
I should also make more checks for mod_rewrite in the install process, as at least person had trouble with it. That should be a simple 3 line fix though!
Tim mailed me a long list of features he’d like to see in b2++, as well as suggesting a name change for the project as it’s diverging quite a bit from the original b2. Leave a comment if you have any ideas!
I’d also like to hear from b2 mod/hack authors as the plugin system of b2++ will make it quite easy for original b2 hacks to be incorporated and distributed. When I get around to Smartyising the backend, it’ll be much easier to add stuff there!

One thought on “B2Links – link organiser for b2, and other updates

  1. How about GreyLog or CafeType, hehe I guess you don’t want to be sued either. Although isn’t greymatter under the CC License? So you technically could use the brand and do all sorts of ‘non-profit’ things with it. OpenLog or NetLog don’t seem to be taken. PHPLog exists but it doesn’t do blogging: http://www.moongate.ro/products/PHPLog/

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