Windows supporters on #linux

I’m not saying the ILUG is a rabid anti-Microsoft crowd, not at all! Many of our jobs rely on them crashing, eating harddrives, their networking problems.. etc. But when 2 ardent .net/win2k3/latest ms buzzword supports show up on the IRC channel it’s bound to cause some trouble. hehe.
Thankfully, the main protagonist, martin, has gone running off somewhere..

One thought on “Windows supporters on #linux

  1. hey, just thought id let you know, i was at the launch for w2k3. ive been using linux since redhat 5.2. im not a guru or anything but i respect some of the stuff microsoft have done with the new os. sure, they’ve copied some stuff from linux but imho that’s cool. they’re slowly learning how to make their os better. i think linux developers & advocates should spend less time blabbing about the other crowd and keep up the great work with linux. my 0.2c

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