SpamAssassin 2.51

Note to self, install this at work on Monday: SpamAssassin 2.51 (via Dangerous Meta)
Over the last few days a lot more spam has got through to my inbox, and it seems to be after I installed version 2.50 of SA. This could be because I was still training the Bayesian filters. I also blacklisted * as they were very persistent in spamming me. That helped, and putting the threshold down to 4.5 caught 2-3 spams. Today was better. Perhaps the Bayesian filters are working now!
On another related matter, I configured Goldmine to filter out spam, but it’s unusable. Goldmine has to create a new identity for each new email address so it’s easier to delete the email “online” before it’s downloaded. (If you knew Goldmine you’d know what I mean, it sucks!)

By Donncha

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