What am I reading?

I just finished Linus Torvald’s biography, “Just for fun” which was an enjoyable read and I saw a few parallels between his life and mine. He spent a summer in the early nineties coding and didn’t realise what the weather was like. I did the same coding a demo on the C64. At the end of the summer a shop assistant remarked that it had been a terrible summer. I still remember being dumb-founded when I realised I didn’t know. I mumbled an acknowledgement that, “yes, the weather’s been terrible” but I walked out of there in a slight daze. I’m a lot more aware of the weather now that I’m taking photographs, so at least that gets me out of the house!
Next in line in dead-tree format is “Mr. Nice” by Howard Marks. Good read, but I’m only 30 pages or so into it. He was an international drug smuggler and he’s led an interesting life!
Whenever I see “books on CD” going cheap I snap them up if I recognise the author or story. I picked up Roddy Doyle’s, “A Star Called Henry” for about 5 Euro a couple of weeks ago and I play it in the car in the evenings. It’s the story of Henry, a boy born into the squalor of Dublin tenements at the start of the 20th Century. His description of The Easter Rising in 1916 is brilliant and told well. I’m amazed at what the main character, Henry, got up to before his 15th birthday!
Finally, after downloading readM, the ebook reader for the Nokia 7650, I’m reading “In The Beginning was the Command Line” by Neal Stephenson on my phone. I have to admit I’m getting bored of it now because he’s preaching about the Apple Mac but I’ll stick with it. I particularly liked the description of the car dealers!

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