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  1. I could not get your video. I have seen several on other sites.I have been surfing since 1964 and of course I surfed in Ireland. Dingle Penninsula, Incdownny. The right hander was great, I went out on the sand banks reeling perfect lefts at 2 meters. I had some friendly laddies from Cork Techinal Colledge. The one beautiful lassie had red hair and blue eyes and should have been on the cover of Surfing Ireland if you had one.
    I had just come up from Castle Freke and Michael Collins home in Cloanakilty.BTW My great uncle was Butch Cassidy. No Shiite!
    My family is from County Meath, landed in Boston in 1636. Some English fecker married my great grandmother causing me to lose the Darcy name. Typical ain’t it? My mom’s side County Tipperary to Northen Illinios 1836, dairy farmers on both sides. we came from the golden vale and settled in the golden vale of Illinios.
    Want more e-mail me. i’ll be back your way in the fall for two months. I’m a friend of John O’Loughlin formerly of Lisdonvarna, now Clonmel.
    Regards, Timothy Patrick (Darcy ) Peddicord

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