Kate (valen) had a photo he wa …

Kate (valen) had a photo he wanted to cleanup so he asked myself and Dave (bolsh) to look at it. Dave came up with some good GIMP tips in the course of this IRC conversation.

<bolsh> valen: A tip…
<valen> ?
<bolsh> valen: For the clone tool, use the fuzzy brushes rather than the solid ones
<valen> bolsh: problem with that is that the fuzzy ones leave a blue hue.
<bolsh> valen: You get smoother edges on your brush strokes
<valen> I suppose some cunning mixes of solid & fuzzy are the order of the day
<bolsh> valen: Tip 2 – to remove the bluey hue from things like leather gloves, manipulate the blue directly voia the channels dialog.
<bolsh> For that the airbrush tool is useful.
<valen> bolsh: nice one, of course.
<bolsh> So in the channels tab, un-highlight the red & green channels, and airbrush away the unnecessary blue. Same technique works well for undoing redeye
<bolsh> Oh – the dodge & burn tool’s actually better.
<valen> bolsh: I’d nearly think what I did was better – more texture.
<bolsh> valen: Not too happy with the tunic – I can still see the line a bit
<valen> my yellow one?
<bolsh> valen: For the glove, whatever you think yourself. Looked to me like there as supposed to be shadow there.
<bolsh> You kind of created texture there…
<bolsh> Ah – just noticed that thing under your arm – you went with it being a straight continuation, and I kind of pretended it was flapping.
<valen> bolsh: your glove has a big black smudge, not a shadow though. Nice job on the tunic though.
<bolsh> Amazing how much of a job like that is interpretation, though
<valen> donncha: what tool did you say was good for redeye?
<donncha> bolsh said using the channels was good, I guess you select the red one and rub it out or something.. you can use the clone tool too but I didn’t have much success with that.
<rlynch> if you can alter the hue and saturation of a selected area, it works pretty good for red eye
<valen> for some reason, I’ve a selected area, and it seems to change the whole image 🙁
<bolsh> valen: You unselect blue & green channels, and use the dodge & burn tool with the 3×3 fuzzy brush to “wipe out” the red

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