My cat wasn't feeling too we …

My cat wasn't feeling too well last week, so while she moped around the garden feeling sorry for herself I snapped a few photos.

To make matters worse for her, the neighbour's cat called around looking for food, you could cut the atmosphere with a knife, it was so thick! Cats really are loner animals, they "adopt" us, not the other way around. Just after I took this picture my cat started hissing and spitting at the other cat, but then she scampered over to me and brazenly looked on as I chased the invader out of her territory.

2 thoughts on “My cat wasn't feeling too we …

  1. Man, I can’t believe that nobody else has left any comments to this post! I mean, how can you not?

    By the way I am stealing these cat photos and using them in an artwork.

    Cher. (as in ‘Cheers Bro’ not the artist Cher)

  2. If you’re going to steal them I’d appreciate a credit, it’s only polite and the right thing to do considering you’re not paying for the images.
    Mark them “Copyright Donncha O Caoimh” please.

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