GnuCash is hard to find on Goo …

GnuCash is hard to find on Google or freshmeat. I just installed it again and working away filling in the last month of receipts and bills. It’s a lot more user-friendly than it was. The first time you run it you get the option of bringing up a help page that suggests you run a “druid” to configure your accounts. Hopefully, it, along with Open Office Calc will help me keep track of my finances over the next few months!
GnuCash isn’t as hard to install as their website states. I installed the Red Hat 7.2 RPM and only needed to install 2 or 3 RPMs, each of which I found at rpmfind. Give it a go!

The new Apache worm is spreading according to this article. Thankfully my servers are upgraded!

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