Some PHP stuff for you:Ivan wo …

Some PHP stuff for you:
Ivan wonders when do sessions end?

It’s always been a hassle getting PHP4 sessions working as a backend to phplib sessions. Here’s how I did it:

  1. Download the latest phplib tarball (currenty phplib-7.4-pre1) and copy php/* into your include directory and customize as per the INSTALL docs.
  2. Download file from and copy it into your a subdirectory of your include directory called “session”.
  3. Copy from phplib-7.4-pre1/unsup/ to your include directory.
  4. Edit prepend.php3 and change to and edit and change your session class definition so that it inherits from Session_Custom. Add var $module = 'files'; to the session class so it’ll use PHP4.
  5. Copy from phplib-7.4-pre1/unsup/ into your include directory and modify prepend.php3 so it includes that instead of

Now visit a page that has a page_open() call and take a look in /tmp/ for sess_* files.
It’s way faster than using a database for sessions!

There’s also more docs but I think they refer to different code.

Ivan has also written an article about php session security with some good points to follow.

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