Jakob Nielsen got on a few peo …

Jakob Nielsen got on a few people’s nerves recently.
Christina takes a shot at his use of statistics, which is only fair really. He makes assumptions about the whole Internet by visiting “15 sites??? 15 sites???” as she puts it’s herself!
Voodoo Economics makes for a good read if you think micro-payments will succeed. We tried it here at work with one product and people didn’t like it. Hell of a job admining it too!

Bonfire night was last Sunday. I’m not talking about the event in November either. We celebrate mid-summer, on St. John’s Eve by burning a large bonfire. Thing is, Martina didn’t know anything about it. I thought it might be a Cork City event but if you follow some of the links from Google it looks like it’s celebrated all over the country!
According to the papers it was a good night, the fire brigade were busy as always on that night, but they said there wasn’t much trouble. ‘Course, I missed it. I must be getting old or something!

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