How to view uuencoded attachme …

How to view uuencoded attachments in Kmail:

  1. Download and install UUDeview.
  2. In Kmail, click on Settings, Configure Filters and create a new filter.
  3. Set up the filter to watch for a message that contains begin 664.
  4. Under Filter Options, select pipe through and in the text box add
    tee temp/msg.txt; /usr/local/bin/xdeview temp/msg.txt ; rm -f temp/msg.txt
  5. Under Advanced Options/Apply this filter unselect the option, to incoming messages, but make sure on manual filtering is on.
  6. Click OK
  7. Create a directory called temp in your home directory.

Anytime you get an email with uuencoded attachements simply select the message and press CTRL-J and a nice TCL dialog box will appear allowing you to save the attachements.

I might just use uudeview to automatically save the attached files to a directory and then open a file manager in that directory.

Helpful Links:

  1. The Kmail FAQ.
  2. Kmail thread on uuencoded attachements.
  3. My ILUG posting about this.

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