I went looking through my list …

I went looking through my list of referers this morning and found several hits from Google. It’s interesting to see that I’m the first link if someone searches for how to convert Netscape Mail folders to Kmail folders
I may as well post the small script I developed to do that:

    for i in $old/*
        if [ -f $i ] ; then
        cp -va $i $new/

for i in `find nsmail -iname "*sbd"`
        DIR=`echo $i | sed s/nsmail/Mail/`
        DIR=`echo "$DIR" | sed s/.sbd/.directory/g`
        DIR=`echo "$DIR" | sed "s/\//\/\./"g`
        mkdir -p $DIR
        copydir $i $DIR

This script goes through your nsmail directory and creates the same directory structure in your Kmail Mail directory. I did a recursive one too, but that would stop at about 3 or 4 levels of recursion. (I have a lot of mail!)
The one problem I had with Kmail was the fact that it didn’t understand the uuencoded attachements I got. That was a pain.

A lot of people seem to be looking for references to Bosco too! I wonder why? Is there going to be a revival? hehe.

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