Respected Sir,

Shalom and greetings in the sweet name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.

I would like to draw your kind attention on my letter that I have wrote a book
On my suffering and strugglings. It is very interesting book. I want to publish it.
I am not a professional story writer, but my autobiography can be most interesting novel
Of the 21st century. I am allow you to modify it by professional story writer and publish
It by your company. I can’t give you money in dollars or in pounds but give my work. We
Can make millions of dollars by publishing it story. Job lost everything in his life only once but I lost everything in my life thrice. The title you can choose as “21st Century’s Job
OR “Thrice I Crucified� OR “Is Christianity Illusion?�

I hope your reply as early as possible. My email address is:


Yours truly,

Jonathan levy, Prabhu Krupa, Mission Road, Opp. Methodist Cardiology, Nadiad: 387002,Gurarat, India.Mobile: 919898730668/919898941436.