Linux Power has a few interest …

Linux Power has a few interesting articles right now, especially the introduction to a series on writing games in Linux.
There are some really cool demos linked from The PC Demo Fan Club. Incoming Future is absolutely amazing, but win32 and 3dfx only. 🙁
Heretic has been ported to Linux! I downloaded and compiled the source without a problem. Couldn’t run it because I didn’t have the Heretic graphics or data with me in work..
A script to install Sendmail is coming RSN! I learnt a LOT during the last two days installing mail on our local network. My script should make any budding sysadmins jobs easier!

By Donncha

Donncha Ó Caoimh is a software developer at Automattic and WordPress plugin developer. He posts photos at In Photos and can also be found on Twitter.

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