I should have made more of my …

I should have made more of my project during my last update, so here goes the blatant-advert for it:
My project is a web based time-sheet program running on Linux with Apache and MySQL. Users on the system can enter details of jobs done including cost, duration, date, and customer. Entries can be deleted using a pop-up window generated by Javascript. (The HTML code for the pop-up window is actually generated by the browser, not by the server). The admin can edit users, activities, special charges, passwords and create a report giving details on employee performance.
The whole thing is kept together by a Perl script running on the Linux box and since I use the DBI it should be easy to add different databases or port it to other platforms.
I have an interview next Tuesday concerning the project and I’d love to go into the interview and tell them that the ‘net community had said this or said that or even showed an interest in it.
Commercial interest would be even better from the colleges’ point of view – it might encourage them to preach the open-source philosophy to students (The rest of my class thinks I’m crazy!:)
Thanks for reading, click on this TSN link to try out the demo I’ve put here.
In the demo it’s not possible to change records. Everything is just pre-generated HTML.
I look forward to hearing your comments, they are important to me. Email me at xeer@hotmail.com!

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