Important If, over the past fe …

Important If, over the past few days you have received an email from and if you know me and it appears out-of-character for me, or if you don’t know me and receive an abusive email please forward it to me. I logged into my Hotmail account today and found 60 new emails waiting for me from the same sender (diff email addresses though). I also received a mail delivery failure message using my email address as a return address. It had the subject “sucker!”. They are not from me! Looking through the header it would appear that someone is probably testing their email out on their (Linux?) box and just found my email address handy. (Next time use – they WILL trace your emails and send a secret service guy around, wherever you live on the planet.. Not joking either..)
Copies of all the emails have been forwarded to
Now, a plea for help for a friend of mine who’s in a spot of trouble with his 4th year project. He has to implement Dijkstras shortest route algorithm to find several shortest routes in a network. He’s coding it in VB (I know, I know..) but if any of you have had experience implementing the algorithm any help you can send would be most appreciated. It’s possible to email me at and I’ll forward them on. Thanks.

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