Updates on .plan, coding and p …

Updates on .plan, coding and projects pages. Also new colours, not sure if I like them though..
Click on the following link to read about my attempts to convert people to Linux!(We were bored in the labs, and that camera was too tempting πŸ˜‰ (content pasted here)

So there we were in one of the labs working on the computers. I was showing Kevin my homepage and telling him how great Linux was and how he REALLY should install it. Obvously he was impressed, but he wasn’t sure if he should install it yet. He likes his Windows you see. (Nice machine too Kev πŸ™‚
He knew it was the right choice to make, it just felt right, but yet, it was hard on him. He wasn’t sure why it was the right decision, but he told me later, “I just felt that Linux was the way the Human race was supposed to go, but I couldn’t tell you why it was so.” He was afraid to make that bold step into the unknown. Here he is deliberating whether or not to install Linux while I show him another page with more Linux facts and impress him with Gimp graphics.

It didn’t take long for Kevin to see the light though. Here we are celebrating after Kevin decided to install Linux. Also pictured is Aidan who, although using NT for his college project, has RedHat installed at home and is very happy with it for doing other college work and the odd bit of networking. Of course he’s seen all this before so he’s not quite as excitable as me when we get a new Linux convert.

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