Trials Evolution Gold Edition: Beach Head

Here’s an early level from the demo of Trials Evolution Gold Edition called Beach Head. I wasn’t expecting the war setting with exploding bombs, smoke and flames or the export to Youtube option either!

This was recorded on a PC with an i5 2400 CPU and an Nvidia 560ti GPU. Some people with Nvidia cards are having problems running the game but it worked ok for me.

I was a big fan of the original Xbox 360 game but this is more of the same, just flashier and bigger! It’s a simplistic platformer at heart so don’t go into the game expecting something deep and meaningful. It’s very accessible, with the quick restarts making up for the many inevitable falls.

Having had my fill of the game on Xbox, I think I’ll wait until there’s a deep discount on the Steam Store for this. Try out the demo, it’s fun!

Movies When-in-Ireland

Ghostrider.. *gulp*

Holy crap, this guy is a lunatic! Driving at up to 290kmh and a little above sometimes, Ghostrider drove the 68km between Stockholm and Uppsala in less than 16 minutes.
In another video he chased a BMW Z3 and both drivers drove like maniacs on public roads. Did you see how the motorcyclist cut in on the inside of a car on a roundabout?

In related news, a new EU report due this week is critical of Ireland’s road safety record. 5 people were killed in one accident alone last weekend. It’s carnage on the roads.