Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ5

It arrived this morning! I ordered a DMC-Z5 from last week and DHL delivered it this morning. Unfortunately, the manuals that came with it were in French, German, Italian and Dutch.. None of which I speak with sufficient proficiency to understand some of the finer points of this camera!

With some effort I found this page on the Panasonic website leading me to English language PDF manuals. This came as some surprise because another page said there was no online manual!

Now if only 7dayshop would get the Canon 20D sorted. Royal Mail possibly lost it but it’s the seller who’s responsible.

Later.. A small demo of the optical zoom:

I have two reasons for buying this camera:

  • I don’t want to drag thousands of Euro worth of camera into pubs where there’s lots of drinking and messing. I’m not crazy!
  • A huge number of birds visit my garden every day. It’s great to watch them closely with binoculors but if I can get in close with a camera too it’d be even better!